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Corporate Culture

1. Enterprise Mission

Creating Whole Value Chain and Building Harmonious Ecosphere

While expanding its main business, Zhongcheng Group should not only discover the opportunities of upstream and downstream, but also excavate the whole value of the industrial chain. While expanding its business, it should pay attention to the needs of both internal and external customers, create the overall value of all customers (shareholders, users, manufacturers, employees, partners, society) and construct it. Harmonious Big and Medium City Ecosphere.

2. Business Vision

Constantly innovate business model and become the most reliable partner relying on the construction machinery agency industry

Firm the leading position of construction machinery agency business, at the same time choose to cultivate new business with strong relevance, constantly optimize business model and combination business model, become the agent with strong comprehensive strength in the country, and become the most reliable partner of all customers.

3. Enterprise Values

Loyalty-the Root of Being a Man

Honesty and Credit-the Foundation of Starting a Business

Harmony and Development

The core values of midtown are the yardstick of every Midtown person's behavior and the judgment criterion of choosing and making decisions when we encounter difficulties.

4. Enterprise Propaganda

Hope for Loading Construction Machinery

Digging the Future of Circulation

5. Enterprise Declaration

Zhongcheng Zhongcheng is a city full of aspirations

The development of Zhongcheng can not be separated from the efforts of its employees and the united struggle of its employees. The achievements of Zhongcheng today are the result of the participation, struggle and responsibility of all the members of the Zhongcheng team. For the business we are engaged in, "people" is the first element. Only when we work together, as the Great Wall is solid and united, can we overcome difficulties and win success.

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